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"Emulate" Numlock being on with normal number pad keys


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I couldn't find anything related to this exactly so I am starting another thread. My issue is that as much as I love my old Corsair Strafe and brand new K70 keyboards as well as c70 case and Void headset, all these things have one thing in common that drives me crazy. Indicator lights are white and can't be changed. On the Void headset, the connection light on the USB dongle, on the C70 case, the power and HDD LEDs in the front, and on the keyboards, the scroll, caps, and number lock indicator lights.


For my case and my head set dongle, I used some transparent red film and was able to "change" the lights that way (everything is red themed for my setup). But the case was easy to do because it was behind the front panel and on the dongle, the tape doesn't show enough to bother me. However, that doesn't apply to my keyboards.


The old Strafe keyboard had huge indicator lights that were very bright white and can't be changed, the K70 are much smaller, but still can't be changed. It's a little frustrating when at this age where you can have RAM and case fans all RGB, the status indicator lights are a set color on a heavily customizable device like a keyboard. To work around this solution for the Strafe, I simply programmed the key pad keys to use the number assignments from the top row of the keyboard and left my number lock off. However, I would like to find a way to "reverse" the numlock. In other words, have the number pad work with the numbers while numlock is off, and if I turn numlock on, it does the arrow keys. I can't find a way to do this in icue.


Any help is much appreciated.

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