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Help! Accidentally bent a fin on radiator


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Hi hoping someone could give me some advice,


Whilst screwing my radiator onto the case, I’ve accidentally stabbed one of the tiny fins, and in doing so it looks kinda bent.


Is this still usable and is there a chance that I’ve pierced through any parts containing liquid?


I’ve attached a pics for a closer look!


Thank you!



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You are completely fine and there is no possible performance penalty from bending a single fin on a radiator. You have to mash quite a few all in the same area to create a potential issue. The larger the radiator, the less it matters.


I dropped a fan from about 6 inches and put a golf ball sized dent in the absolute middle of a 360. I looked for a performance decline after, but it ended up about a 0.1C better. A coat of dust might hurt you more. No reason to even think about this again.

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