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Asus X570 AMD 5600x System PC Problem


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Unfortunately they do not have a specific meaning. That is Link trying to interpret the MB data. The Asus Embedded Controller has been historically difficult and you get some weird/duplicated values in both Link and CUE. Frankly, I am surprised Link sees your MB at all. Development on Link was stopped 2.5 years ago after it was replaced with CUE. Anything released during that time generally does not get updated into the SDK CPUID. Maybe with the security patch they had do a year or so ago, the CPUID was updated for x570, but I would be stunned if you can see CPU temps on your 5600x.


So end result is those values are unknown and worse, they can shift positions from boot to boot. You can try using AI Suite or another monitoring program to logically guess at which is VRM, PCH, MB temp sensor, and then the garbage values of 16C and 216C, etc. can be deleted. Usually some duplicates as well.

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