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Scimitar RGB Elite profile corruption


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(Windows 10)


Software profiles for Scimitar RGB Elite are consistently corrupted in two situations:


1) Whenever reboot computer.

2) Export a profile, then import it: imported profile is corrupted.


In both cases only the Software Actions are corrupted: missing and duplicated actions and missing key bindings. Lighting, and Hardware Actions, are not corrupted.


Apart from profile corruption, the mouse itself works fine. Any ideas?

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It’s doubtful there is something wrong with the mouse or what you are doing. There have some compounding software issues with Actions/Macros in the last several versions and the complaints on the Scimitar are stacking up. That’s probably because most people are re-assigning those side buttons and this is also a keyboard problem.


The only suggestion I have is to clean out the Actions Library. It appears to be ground zero for the duplication issue. I don’t know if that will solve everything, but it hopefully cuts down on the copy to main profile which is then how the prior actions become unassigned.

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