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Keyboard and mouse share lighting settings?


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I just replaced my old mouse with an M55 RGB Pro and tried to adjust the lighting for it. I set lighting effects to Temperature (linked to Vid card temp) and that works fine.


The problem is I'm using a K95 RGB Platinum XT keyboard and the mouse lighting effects override the keyboard ones. So now the keyboard is also showing GPU temperature, not the settings I had chosen. If I change the keyboard so it's using a difference style (eg: static colour) then the mouse reverts to that setting too.


I assume there must be a way to have the two devices showing different lighting styles, but I haven't been able to do so. If it makes any difference I have the mouse plugged in via the USB in the keyboard, not directly into the PC. Any ideas?




Side note: I did the K95 firmware update and it appears to have completely lost my previous profile, where I had different colours set to specific keys. That's not too big a deal since I can set that up again. But it was annoying. Be nice if there was (a) a warning it'd lose current settings, and (b) provide a way to save and restore them.

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