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H100i RGB PRO XT not recognized in ICUE


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Hi all


I recently finished upgrading my rig (x570, Ryzen 5600x, rest in profile) and I have never been able to get my pump to show up in ICUE or Corsair Link.


What I have tried:

-Re-seating CPU_Fan header and 5 pin SATA connector, including using a dedicated 5-pin from the PSU to the pump alone

-Installing the data cable in multiple different USB headers, including using a generic data micro usb data cable from the pump to the back of the PC

-Checking USBDeview for any unrecognized devices, including anything with the vendor code 1b1c (nothing shows up)

-Restarting the ICUE service

-Repairing and fresh install of ICUE

-Ensuring Legacy USB support and XHCI handoff are enabled in bios

-Setting Fan control to Voltage and fan speed to 100% (later found out this isn't applicable to pro xt models, and have since switched back to auto)

-Uninstalling CPU-Z, HWMONITOR, HWINFO. I have no other monitoring software at this time


Some things I've noticed:

-CPU Fan speed reports spike from ~5000-9000 rpm, intermittently dropping to zero

-The RGB on the block does not always turn on

-On start-up my CPU sometimes hits 80C but soon drops to normal (this might be normal operation, not sure)

-Under load the CPU temp seems stable and does not overheat otherwise


I'm at my wit's end here. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks alot.

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The 5000 rpm shown in the BIOS for CPU fan is about right. It will show double the actual pump speed in raw form, so that corresponds to the actual 2500 rpm the pump should be running. However, the max reported raw number should be about 5400-5500, so I am not sure what the 9000 rpm stuff is. This most commonly happens with multiple programs trying to poll the device, like Aida or HWiNFO.


A lot of x570 owners appear to have difficulty with getting the Platinum/XT coolers recognized. Some use a powered USB hub to act a go between, but I don't quite understand the wild raw pump data fluctuation if you are not running another program trying to access it or if the cooler isn't being read by CUE at all. I would contact Corsair Support.

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Hi, it's me again.


So after contacting corsair support they advised I RMA my unit. Did so. Still same issues.


I purchased an NZXT internal powered usb hub, installed that, still nothing.


I'm starting to think I should just get a different brand.


Devbiker if you're reading this I know you're a guru with this stuff, please help :/

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