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Virtuoso Blinking Red, not Connecting, Beeping


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Used this headset a grand total of 3 times and I've already run into a fatal problem. It's extremely frustrating, hope someone can help.


I leave it in to charge when I'm not using it, turned on my PC today to find it's blinking very erratically red and with each blink there's a weird popping/beeping kind of noise in the headphones. I'm not even sure if it's a dead battery or what is going on. No sound comes through when I switch it to the headphones on the audio device manager on my PC.


Things I've tried: Different USB ports to charge(wall and on my PC), checking for updates in device manager, installing iCUE and updating through there, pairing it through iCUE(it doesn't detect it). iCUE also displays a red power symbol beside the battery status. No idea what that's supposed to mean. Dead? Not powered on? Powered on? God forbid using words instead of pictures that can be interrupted in different ways.


It works when I plug the auxiliary into my PC, but the whole reason I bought these to begin with was for the wireless feature.


Please help, thank you.

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