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Lighting Node Pro not in iCue


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Previously I had 9 LL120 RGB fans set up in the following configuration:


6 fans to Commander Core, directly to Mobo

3 Fans to Lighting Node Pro, directly to Mobo


I needed to change this for an additional USB 2.0 port by adding a multiplier, so the configuration is now:


6 fans to Commander Core, directly to Mobo

3 fans to Lighting Node Pro, to USB Multiplier, to Mobo


The fans connected to the multiplier are running, and are still colored, they are just not visible in iCue as they were previously. My case RGB, which is also connected to the multiplier, works fine and is detected by its software (Razer Synapse)


Obviously the multiplier is the issue, so my question is twofold,


1) Is this a known issue using a multiplier / is there any way to make it work?

2) If a multiplier cannot be used here, is there an additional method to power 9 fans and have full iCue control with only 2 USB 2.0s directly on the Mobo?


Appreciate any help.

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