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H100i Platnium SE + Commander Pro wiring question


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I have a query regarding the best wiring for the below set up, please.

Phanteks P600S case

Asus Prime X570 motherboard

Corsair H100i Platinum SE AIO

Commander Pro

6 x Corsair LL120 fans (including 2 x attached to rad)


Is the pictured diagram correct? (Apologies for the crude paintwork!)


I basically want to ensure the RGB fans are synced in order (including those on the AIO) while also ensuring the AIO is connected correctly so CPU temperatures are correctly maintained.


Is it OK to connect the AIO RGB cables to the RGB HUB (the RGB Hub then connects to the Commander Pro) but connect the AIO fans power to the outlets on the AIO Pump to ensure CPU temp is best maintained? Or do the RGB connectors also have to be connected as well?


Open to feedback, changes and suggestions, please. Again, apologies for the crude drawing.


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All the RGB wires from the fans should go to the hub. You can skip the RGB splitter on the AIO. They will fire in sequence 1-6 based on their port number. The Platinum is the only cooler with a built in RGB controller so it can operate as a starter RGB kit, but if you have other LL fans there is no reason not to put them together on the RGB Hub.


The PWM wires from the two radiator fans should still go to the AIO fan splitter. This ensures they are reacting to coolant temperature at all times, with or without the software running. You fan curve from CUE will be saved to the device automatically. There is a "dummy lead" from the AIO to the MB. This is a 1 wire tachometer signal that reports the raw pump speed to the BIOS. It's only real function is to signal a CPU boot error if the pump does not start on power up. It must be on CPU fan for that part to work, otherwise there isn't much reason to connect it. It does not affect cooler operations.

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