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Issues with corsair Icue and RGB fusion(?)


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Hey guys


I have issues with the lighting of my corsair hardware since yesterday


yesterday i installed the RGB fusion and Aorus engine software to configurate my graphcis card.Unfortunately it didnt work yesterday,because rgb fusion was not updated for my new rtx 3080 aorus master. Anyways, I decided to wait till the software gets fixed


Today,I booted up my computer and suddenly the lighting of my graphics card appeared.Unfortunately, at the same time all my carsair fans and stips didnt light up anymore


In corsait ICUE my lightning node pro completely dissappeared and my corsait dominator platinum got a red triangle,it also lightens up differently then before

The rest of my corsair hardware(aoi,keyboard,mousepad)work fine


I have the latest drivers for my mainboard and also ICUE is up to date


I appreciate any help

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I've got similar issues since i installed my new RTX 3070 AORUS....

My four fans case SP 120 corsair are running at 100% without RGB.

Seems like RGB fusion took the lead and is handling my 240 CPU cooler MSI cause the lightning effect seems similiar with the card...

Even without installing any soft the RGB of my 4 fans CORSAIR went off as soon as i plugged the GPU on the main board...

I tried to desintall and reinstall only ICUE but it still does the same thing.

It's really a hassle i'm still trying to get back my 4 fans RGB without any results.


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