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ls100 ambient lighting mode not working after update


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i am very disappointed by corsair lately.

the hardware is good but you can´t sell it together with such buggy software.


I was keeping an old version of icue and everything was working fine.

(except ls100 issues like stuttering flickering that i got used to)


some days ago I started having problems with my icue panel.

ram temps and psu readings were showing crazy values.


i decided to try updating my icue to see any new improvement/feature.


i was so gladly surprised to see my asus motherboard and vga detected

without weird plugins.


the problem is that now the ls100 ambient mode doesn´t work anymore.

so i wonder... wtf???


are they kidding or what??? we pay all this stuff a very LOT of money.

people expect things to work properly.


does anyone have any advice please or should i revert back to


icue 3.20.80 (the last working version I had) ??


thank you :[pouts:

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