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Boitier 465x + H100i Elite Capellix


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Good evening,


Sorry I saw several posts that corresponded to my question, but I admit, I must be stupid, I can't understand correctly.


I ordered a 465x Case, a H100i Elite capellix and an additional LL120.


So, if you count the fans integrated in the box, that makes 4 LL120 RGB + 2 ML120 RGB (From AIO).


As a Lightning node core is provided with the box I will have at my disposal:


-Lightning node core

-Commander PRO


How am I going to manage with my connections?! I can't figure out if the lightning node core powers the LL120 or not, I can't understand what I can connect to the commander pro... The more I search, the less I understand.


Knowing that on my MC I have 2 CHA_FAN, 1 CPU_FAN and an AIO_PUMP.


I'm lost, I'm never going to be able to set all this up!


Can you enlighten me? Will I have to invest in an additional hub?


Thank you in advance for your answers!

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I got an answer from the corsair support :


Hello. The Elite cooler comes with a Commander CORE, you can use that accessory to connect up to six fans. While we are looking into a feature to allow the Commander CORE to let you mix and match fan lighting at this time you cannot do that. All fan lighting connected to the Commander CORE must be the same fan series. Based on those details you can choose to either have your Commander CORE control the lighting for your 4 LL120 fans or your 2 ML120 RGB fans, one or the other. So one set of fans will have lighting controlled by the Commander CORE lighting and the other set will be controlled by the Lighting Node CORE included in the 465x


Note that we are ONLY talking about lighting. You can connect any type of fan to the Commander CORE to power the fan blades via the 4pin fan headers. This means that you can connect everything without the use of a Commander PRO or Lighting Node PRO and a hub.




Lighting setup:

465X Lighting Node CORE <= 4 LL210 fans

H100i Elite Commander CORE <= ML120 fans


Fan blade power:

H100i Elite Commander CORE <= ALL 6 fans

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