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AIO H100i PLATINUM SE USB disconnecting and reconnecting


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Hey everyone and thank you for reading this.


2 weeks back I build my new gaming rig and ever since Im getting USB disconnecting sound. its coming from my AIO (H100i RGB PLATINUM SE) also pump and both fans turns black for half a second as they would shut down.


when I start up my PC is fine for couple of minutes then it starts do disconnect and reconnect a couple of times. after that I think it stays disconnected as none of the values in iCUE software (fans, pump RPMs and coolant temp aswell) are showing or updating anymore, even values in HWinfo disappears, If I restart the PC it may work again for couple of minutes but maybe not. (picture below)




the CPU temps are in between 60 and 65 degrees Celsius when gaming. So the pump is working just not showing any correct numbers in iCUE, thats why I cannot set any custom fan curves or anything, even puting it in balanced or extreme does not work.


pic CPU50 is showing temps and values before stress test with a mid-load on CPU of some softwares running in background




pic CPU67 is showing temps and values right after stress test started:



CPU temps are shown far to the right listed as CPU TEMP in HWinfo


After 10 min stress test CPU temp was 70 degrees and iCUE software was still showing the same values as on start


also none of the values on Commander PRO tab in iCUE are showing...got 3x temp sensors plugged in, 6x LL120 RGB fans and 2x LED HUB

So I can not set any fan speeds or anything

(picture below)




RGB works tho...:laughing:


I have AIO plugged into motherboard with its own SATA power cable. And also Commander PRO is plugged into the motherboard. The Hx850i PSU is plugged into Commander PRO and the tab in iCUE works all the time monitoring the temp and other stuff





For the entire week now Im listing forums and checking Youtube, trying out new things but nothing seems to be working, so Im kinda desperate right now and Im thinking of replacing my AIO.


Could it be the USB cable? software perhaps?


thank you again for reading this, I hope I explained it well and hopping to hear some answers from you guys




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