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RGB Not Working On Dominator Ram


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So I've had my Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB ram for little over a year now and have had no problems with the rgb. Today I decided to mess around with the rgb for a bit and realized my DIMM setup was wrong, I proceeded to fix it and now my rgb is all sorts of messed up. Best way to put it, it's out of sync.


When I go to change the color/effects it only stays for about 5 seconds and reverts back to the rainbow. This applies for all lighting effects and colors. When I attempt to change it to the "rain" lighting effect, the rgb between both ram sticks isn't sync'd. One moves faster than the other in either direction. Even when I change it to a static color is does the same thing, stay for 5 seconds and reverts back to the default rainbow effect.


Only thing I've done different is change the DIMM slot's and direction in which my ram is facing and "unchained" it from Mystic light because before every time my pc would turn on or open a game, my lighting profile for the ram wouldn't stay, it would revert back to rainbow and I'd have to go and change it again. (This was before I changed anything and the lighting effects would actually stay before I opened a game).


While attempting to fix this I've updated the software and firmware of iCUE, uninstalled and reinstalled iCUE, and attempted to repair the application through windows settings. Not sure what else I should do.


Any help would be GREATLY appreciated


Thank you for your time,


- Nick

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