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Upgrade 2 Twin CMX512 3200C2PT in GA-SINXP1394 unstable.


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I recently purchase Corsair Twin CMX512 3200C2PT (2 x 512MB = 1GB) from monarchcomputer.com to add to my current PC that already had 2 x Corsair CMX512 3200CPT (2 x 512MB = 1GB).

So after installing the module, the System boot up (after second reset) it shows 2GB of RAM is installed, passed the BIOS mem test, then it goes to windows normally. BUT when it reach the windows, it makes the system very UNSTABLE.

IE Crash, even FireFox Crash, MSN Crash, ocasionally BSOD, when I test to run 3D Games, Act of Wars Crash to desktop, NFSU2 crash to BSOD, 3DMark03 Restart the system after the first scene benchmark.

Overall, Pretty bad. (These doesn't happened when only using the old 2x512MB RAM).


Then I figure out this might be the installation problem, I've tried switching around the RAM slot, but no good.


BANK |0 1 2 3

Color |Blue Orang Blue Orange (Indicate the motherboard memory slot color)

RAM |OLD OLD NEW NEW = Doesn't reach Windows XP at all, keep rebooting.

RAM*|OLD NEW OLD NEW = Reach WinXP, unstable.

RAM |NEW NEW OLD OLD = Reach WinXP, then BSOD.

RAM |NEW OLD NEW OLD = Reach WinXP, very unstable.


OLD RAM1 = CMX512 3200C2PT XMS3202V1.1 XMS3200 512MB 400Mhz CL2 (0303072)

OLD RAM2 = CMX512 3200C2PT XMS3202V1.1 XMS3200 512MB 400Mhz CL2 (0303072)

NEWRAM1 = CMX512 3200C2PT XMS3202V1.5 XMS3200 512MB 400Mhz CL2 (0513031-0)

NEWRAM1 = CMX512 3200C2PT XMS3202V1.5 XMS3200 512MB 400Mhz CL2 (0513031-0)


Then after that I've tried disabling DUAL Channel Mode in BIOS and set all the timing to AUTO, but still same unstable system, even worse in single channel mode. I've also tried forcing the timing to 2-3-3-6 (which is the normal timing for this RAM) but still the same. Decreasing the timing to 2.5-3-3-6 makes things worse. So I let alone those settings to AUTO, but still same unstable problem.


So finally I decided to use the Memtest Utility given from one of RAMGUY post. I use the CD ISO Memtest V 1.5.1


Test config 1: (BAD result)

All RAM In the motherboard with config (*), found 180Errors during TEST5#.


Test config 2: (to Isolate which RAM is bad)

Each RAM were tested "INDIVIDUALLY" in BANK 0 of my Motherboard.

Old CMX512 Module 1, PASS the test flawless (Test run twice).

Old CMX512 Module 2, PASS the test flawless (Test run twice).

New CMX512 Module 1, 276 ERROR in Test#5 (1st test), 578 (2nd Test)

New CMX512 Module 2, 242 ERROR in Test#5 (1st test), 540 (2nd Test)


Test config 3: (To verify that my old RAM doesn't have problems at all)

Old CMX512 Module 1 in BANK 0

Old CMX512 Module 2 in BANK 1

PASS the test flawless (Test run twice)


From this test, I finally figured out that the new Corsair TWIN CMX512 RAM that I recently bought (4/23/2005) are BAD sticks. Unless there are known compatibility problem with my GA-SINXP1394 Motherboard in using 4 x 512MB Corsair CMX512CAS-2 RAM or with Corsair newer version RAM.


So RAMGUY please help me get RMA for the replacement of these two BAD RAM. I also would like to do cross Shipping if possible, cause I really need 2GB RAM running in my system ASAP.


Thanks in advance.


For additional info,

My system Configuration:

PowerMAX 400Watt PSU

GA-SINXP1394 Motherboard V1.0

BIOS Version F6 (latest)

Intel P4B 3.06Ghz HT

GeForce 5900 AGP8x

WinXP SP2, RAID-0 Dual 80GB HD

Memory Running DualChannel mode 2GB (4 x 512MB)

Memory Slot Installation:

BANK0: Previous Corsair CMX512 3200C2PT

BANK1: NEW Corsair Twin CMX512 3200C2PT

BANK2: Previous Corsair CMX512 3200C2PT

BANK3: NEW Corsair Twin CMX512 3200C2PT

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  • Corsair Employees

Please try these settings after you load setup defaults.

CPU Freq: 133 MHz

Memory Frequency: DDR333

Dim Voltage to 2.75 Volts (Dim Over Voltage Control +.2 Volts)

Resulting Frequency: 166MHz/333DDR

Legacy USB: Disabled

SDRAM CAS Latency: 2.5T

SDRAM RAS to CAS Delay (tRCD): 3T

SDRAM Row Precharge (tRP): 3T

SDRAM Active to Precharge Delay (tRAS): 7T

Then test the modules one at a time with http://www.memtest.org. If all of the modules pass one up then add then back to the system and test with all 4 modules installed. But you cannot mix the old and new modules in dual channel. And you will need to keep these settings with all four installed. In addition, you may need a bigger PSU as well, because the memory alone would need 48 Watts with all four slots filled.

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Frist of all, I'm sorry, I don't meant to be rude/offensive,

But did you see my TEST CONFIG 2?

I test each of the RAM Individually, one at a time, one slot and one ram per testing. (Single Channel mode)


I'm going to try lowering the Speed and increasing the voltage right now.

But couple question:

Why do I need to lower the Speed of my RAM?

Why do different version of the RAM doesn't work in Dual Channel? I thought even mixing different frequencies in Dual channel will work?

Why did the NEW RAM I get will get Errors even though it was installed alone (single RAM) in the motherboard?


Alright, right now, I'm going to test the RAM with the recomended settings and will report back ASAP.

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  • Corsair Employees

First thing, this chipset only officially supports DDR333 according to the chipset white papers. And you can over clock the system further with one module than you can with 2 because of chipset loading. So to make sure that you are not fighting a chipset limitation its best to test with in the specification of said chipset.

And testing each module one at a time will help to rule out a failing module.

So to be clear, this chipset used on this MB only officially supports DDR333, and with a 533 FSB CPU if you try to run DDR400 with 2 modules it would be too much band width for the CPU. So please try the settings I suggested and if the system passes then you can try tweaking the timings you get better performance, but the settings as listed would be suggested with this MB and CPU.

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Allright, currently I'm in the position where you guys (the tech support I call, and RAM GUY in forum) blame the motherboard chipset for not compatible with 400Mhz RAM. I'm totally OK with that assumption since the 333, higher latency 2.5-3-3-7 configuration works with these new RAM.


BUT, I'm doing some test to show that I got good reasons that the new RAMs aren't working properly.


First Fact:

My friend use the same GA-SINXP1394 Configuration,

but with 4x "YouKnowWhat" HYPERION 400MHZ 512MB DDR Non-ECC CL2 2.5V

1 Pair bought in the beginning of 2004, another Pair is bought in the beginning of 2005. Both had Different Version. They run well in 2-3-2-6 Configuration.

Conclusion: Unless the new CORSAIR XMS RAM is inferior to "YouKnowWhat" HYPERION quality, there is no doubt that the new ram got problem running 400Mhz.


Second Fact: (Test Config2 in first post also indicate this).

OLD RAM Run perfectly in DUAL Channel or Single Channel mode in my GA-SINXP1394Motherboard.

NEW Twin RAM cause BSOD in WinXP in DUAL Channel and Single* Channel Mode in my SINXP1394.

*Single Channel mode obtained by disabling dual channel in BIOS or by installing only one chip at a time.

Conclusion: Most likely bad stick.


Not good enough, so I did another test.

Third Fact:

I took my NEW TWIN RAM to my OTHER Friends House Running ASUS P4P800E Deluxe, which totally support DDR-400Mhz Dual Channel. Stripped down his computer's RAM, and installed only my NEW TWIN DUAL Channel RAM on his board. The Result BSOD in WinXP, Memtest shows 4 errors in TEST#4 and 231 Errors in TEST#5.

Conclusion: Dude these are bad sticks...


Fourth Fact:

Let the RAMGUY Recommend the Right module for your system!


I see DDR400 there, am I wrong? Why listed there. I don't even enforcing that my motherboard support 4 x CMX512-3200C2. EVEN when the 2 NEW TWIN RAM installed alone (BANK 0 and BANK 2 Dual Channel) give me BSOD in WinXP almost instantly.

Conclusion: you decide.


So please, can I get my RMA Mr. RAM GUY?

I would like to send my RAM to Corsair tomorrow for replacement if possible.

Thanks in advance.

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Please follow the link in my signature “I think I have a bad part!” and we will be happy to replace them or it!

This is the chipset used on your MB SIS 655 Chipset Spec.


Yes, I do certainly realized that the fact my GA-SINXP1394 equipped with SIS655 doesn't officially support DDR400. I don't want to be a nuisance for you guys, but these sticks clearly doesn't work on ASUS P4P800E either.

Btw, thanks for letting me have the RMA for replacement.

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ON ASUS P4 MB you will need to disable legacy USB when running any memory test. But I have no problem replacing the modules if you like.


Yes I did disabled the USB Legacy, I've read that topics on couple thread in this forum about USB Legacy and MemTest issues. I've sent the RMA form and waiting for the reply in 24 hours. Thanks for the quick response.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I received my new TWIN Corsair XMS 1024 couple days ago, and its version 4.1 (a lot more revision changes I believe since the previous one is version 1.5).


The system boot without problem when the RAM installed for the first time.

As previously discussed, when running on my system, I use the RAM SAFE Configuration.


So I set it to DDR333, 2.5-3-3-7T, 2.6V (Max my motherboard can handle),

Dual Channel = OFF


The result, often got BSOD, program crash pop up sometimes (IE, Azureus, Maya, After Effects, screensavers).


Things got a lot better when I set to:

DDR 333, Timing 2-3-3-6T, 2.6V

Dual Channel = ON.


But still, sometimes got BSOD, certain pattern of Program Crash, that never happened running only my previous 1GB RAM.


BTW, MEMTEST in GA-SINXP1394 that shows no error:

DDR356, 2.6V, 2-3-3-6T, Dual Channel ON

DDR333, 2.6V, 2-3-3-6T, Dual Channel ON

DDR333, 2.6V, 2.5-3-3-7T, Dual Channel OFF



DDR 400, AUTO, Shows no Error. (test only once).


So, I realise that there must be another problem that cause BSOD.

I recently checked my PSU Voltage with MBM5.

+12V (12.07-12.14V)

Core (1.58V-1.60V)

+5V (5.18V-5.21V)

+3.3V (3.06V-3.07V) (X)


(X) The +3.3Volts railing is showing lower than it supposed to be, is this a possible major problem of the BSOD?


I've purchased a Thermaltake TWV 480W Power Supply, and waiting for it to arrive at my door. So when I've tried this "Supposed to be STABLE n Good PSU with Total WATT usage indicator" and still got BSOD, I'll come back here again and ask for more advise.

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Please try and set the Dim Over Voltage Control to +.2 Volts and see if that helps.


My Maximum possible Dim Voltage is +.1 (2.6V), [no offense],I bet you guys must be sick looking at similar posts every day, thats why you guys often missed some of the facts/solution posted before in a thread. :D


Anyway, my 480W TWV Thermaltake PSU had arrived. The voltage are super stable, the TWV shows 130Watt on idle and 200Watt during intense rendering, but best of all,


My four Corsair XMSC2PT3200 512MB run perfectly in

DDR 400, Dual Channel , timing 2-3-3-6T, 2.6Volts in my GA-SINXP1394.

The memtest still shows Error in Test#5, but my system now able to run Maya, 3DMark2005, PCMARK, and run smoothly without any BSOD.

It shows good result with DDR400 benchmark too.


So the problem indeed lies on the good delivery of +3.3Volts that my previous PSU can't deliver correctly.


I just wan't to say thanks, and let you guys know that I solve my problem with PSU and also to tell you guys that GA-SINXP1394 does support

4x DDR400 in Dual channel mode. :cool:

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