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Corsair Pro 115 and RGB fan replacement


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Hi all!


hope you can help, i think I have this right, i want to buy the h115i Pro for the quiet mode pump but want to replace the fans with RGB fans also, I've already purchased a LL140 for the outtake on the back of the case but due to the fact I'm side mounting the h115i pro to the front I cant use LL as they seem to be one sided RGB and my flow would be pull I was looking at the QL 140


From what I can see I need to buy @


1 x h115i pro

1 x Commander Pro to connect the LL140 and 2 x QL140

1 x Lightening Node Core to connect LL140 and 2 x QL140

connect lightning node core to Commander Pro

connect Commander pro to mobo via USB header


This is not connecting the 2 QL140 fans to the h115i itself and letting the Commander Pro control the RPM.


is that right, I've tried to read up but confirmation would be nice. I'm not sure about the mixing fans bit.





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If you don't already have some prior Corsair RGB fans with RGB hubs, the Commander may be of limited use.


The LL140 single will not come with a RGB lighting hub or controller.


You will want to get the QL140 "dual pack" that comes with the Lighting Node Core. That will take care of lighting for the QLx2 + LL fans. This is a relatively easy combination to set up compared to other mixed fan sets. Tell CUE you have "QL x 3". The only consequence is a false rear side to the LL that does not really exist.


There is no advantage to using the Commander Pro to control the two radiator fans vs the internal controller on the cooler. The Commander will be software dependent unless you take some physical steps to create a work around. The H115i's internal controller can do all the same things and it programmable in CUE. As the native controller it will work at all times, software running or not. That leaves just 1 LL in need of control. You might be OK with MB control for that. If there are other non-Corsair fans in this mix, they should work on the Commander so that does make it relevant again, but it will not be the lighting controller for the 3 RGB fans.


You need 1 USB 2.0 internal port for the Lighting Node Core. If you did get the Commander, it would replace it on the board, then use the Commander's passthrough USB ports for the Node Core.

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The reason why i have 1 single LL140 is because i had the 115i Capellix and all connected to the Commander Core and all three work but the pump is way to noisy so I've opted for the h155i Pro now.


Thanks for the explanation and that makes perfect sense and actually saves me money on buying the Commander Pro also. I have 2 free USB headers on the motherboard and quite a few free fan power connectors. According to my motherboard manual i have :


4-pin CPU_FAN; 4-pin CPU_OPT 4-pin H_AMP; 5-pin EXT _FAN; 4-pin W_PUMP+; 4-pin AIO_PUMP; 4-pin CHA_Fan 1-3


I have 4 other fans but I have a bequiet case (700 dark base) and that comes with its own controller so they are all ok and no need to touch :)


Thanks for the help i think I know what i need now! ;):

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That's another reason to stay with what you have. The Silent Wings 3 PWM fans on the front of that case do not respond to the Commander Pro or most other Corsair controllers. Should be easy enough to set up a reasonable rear fan curve for the LL from the BIOS and its not a noisy fan.
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