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iCue K95 launch application: Windows fax and scan


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So I'm trying to assign a key to open windows fax and scan in iCue and it's behaving oddly from my perspective. So here I am asking for guidance.


Windows fax and scan is in the system32 folder; this is what I'm trying to do:




It does nothing when clicked. The string works fine in the windows run box. I have it on a shortcut in the start menu too, which points at this.


So I thought I should try navigating and selecting it manually from the folder rather than just inputting the same string. But it's not there when I do this:




And it is when I use windows explorer:




So... help pls. I've tried the string as "C:\windows\system32\WFS.exe" and "%windir%\system32\WFS.exe", neither work.


I have other keys aimed at other programs and they work ok. I can aim at taskmanager for example, and that works. Windows being odd maybe? Is there a workaround?


I'm up to date on the iCue version, just done it today.


Thanks if you can help.

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