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GPU problems after Windows reinstall


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Hi everyone,


I have been using Corsair One Pro (2017 year model with i7-7700K and 1080 Ti, P/N CS-9000009-NA) for almost 3 years without problem. About two weeks ago did clean Windows reinstall and problems have begun.

Installed latest Windows (20H2), updated system drivers using Intel Driver & Support Assistant. GPU driver updated manually from NVidia site. Installed Corsair Link


Now every time I boot system in 50% it boots normally and I can work without problem, OR:


1)System fails to boot with message: There is no GOP (Graphics Output Protocol) support detected in this card. 'Windows 8.1/10 feature' settings in BIOS will be changed to Disabled. Press F1 to run setup.


I press F1 to enter BIOS. Load default settings using F6. Enable GEN2 for PCI (without this option there is no display signal at all, well-know Corsair Pro bug). Save and exit. After that system may boot.



2)System starts booting but it freezes on Corsair logo, just before it begins Windows loading.


All I have to do is force system shutdown. After that system may boot.



3)System boots and Windows is loaded, but GPU stops display signal updating. Desktop, taskbar and all system icons are visible but video signal is freeze.


I can use bluetooth keyboard ALT+F4 to call shutdown window (it is not visible) and press Enter. System shuts down.



4)System boots and Windows is loaded. But after about 10 sec screen goes completely green or white and system restarts.



5)Regular problems with installed GPU drives. In Device Manager display adapter has yellow exclamation mark and GUI redraw (even folders moving) is very slow. Windows notification sends warning that GPU drives needs to be updated.


This problem is fixed by restarting system. But one of the above 1-4 problems may occur.




Every time system boots I fill like I'm playing Russian roulette now.


Did I miss some drivers or Corsair app installing?

Do I need system settings changing in Windows?

Or may be all this problems are related to BIOS settings that have been reset to defaults?




Windows installation constantly failed with BSOD because of 'cpuz141_x64.sys' file. I had to boot in safe mode with command prompt and removed all Corsair folders from installation path (as i remember there were 3 folders: Corsair Link, Corsair Diagnostic and cpu_z). After that Windows was able to finish installation.

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