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Help with RAM on ASUS Rampage III Formula (2020)


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Hello all!


To make a pretty long story short. I have a much much older ASUS Rampage III Formula with a Intel Core i7 950. My system ran beautifully until not too long ago a couple of my ram sticks started acting up causing a triple beep on post leaving me with only 4 gigs of ram to run on. I ended up buying some DDR3 ram that matched all requirements from my manual that didn't end up working, booting with no post, even once I fully updated my bios and everything, and I had to return, luckily managed to get a refund.


Now on my second time around I've been doing extensive research trying extra extra hard to make sure the next set of memory I get work.


The next set of sticks I'm really keen on which my local PC hardware store have are these CML8GX3M2A1600C9


https://www.centrecom.com.au/corsair-8gb-2x4gb-ddr3-1600mhz-cl9-low-profile-vengeance-black (purchase link for more detailed information)


pcpartpicker and pcspecs say they are compatible but I don't know how reliable that information is and I simply don't know enough to be certain. And I really want to make sure as they are difficult to return if at all. I can't really afford not to either (times are tough).


Any other corsair ram suggestions are greatly appreciated, long as they work :D.


I've been stuck with my 4 gigs of ram for a very very long time. I would incredibly appreciate any information that anyone could help me with regarding my motherboard and memory in trying to help me pick out memory that is compatible. I've done a tonne of troubleshooting, research and checked the qualified vendor list and everything that you might think of but seeing as how its almost 10 years old those sticks no longer exist or are very hard to find.


In any case I would appreciate any information at all, doing it real hard with only 4 gigs of ram and not enough money to get a new system aha.


Thank you for taking the time to read my post. <3

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