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ICUE 3.36.125 update LL fans not detecting RGB


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Hello, peeps


Since the last ICUE update to 3.36.125, my LL RGB isn't being picked up by my commander if i turn icue off all SP and LL lights light back up


Never had this before.


if i turn it back on the LL's Turn off recent updated has bugged the detection for the LL fans to be picked up can you please fix this



posted a picture of my commander below

Anyone else experiencing this?






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The tab you are on is the setup screen. This allows you to establish which fans or led strips you have for channel 1 or 2. Lighting will be setup under the appropriate channel on the right. During the setup phase you can check the second channel by clicking the circles just below the product image in the middle.
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Same thing here!


The update broke some of my fan's lighting, I had to go back into each profile and drag and drop the selection box on multiple led light selection screens.


But not all of them. Only on "Colour shift", "Visor", "Temperature" and "Rain" presets. And on some (but not all) "Static colour" presets. Wierd.


See picture. https://imgur.com/a/7I6bDyr



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