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Can't Connect Spec Omega Front RGB to Commander Pro


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Hey guys,


I just got a new mobo and cooler and so switched over to a Commander Pro from the Lighting Node that was supplied with my case (Carbide Spec Omega).


I have every other RGB working, but can't seem to get my front LEDs to turn on, they are detected in iCUE (which is fully up to date).


I have the USB plugged into the front mobo for the internal USB that plugs into the Spec Omega node, and also have all 3 SATA power connectors plugged in for the CoPro, Spec Omega, and Lighting Node. Both 3 prong LED cables are plugged into the Spec Omega node.


I'd really like to get this final piece of the puzzle solved so I can close my case, it looks gorgeous. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

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You definitely either didn't swap everything correctly when moving from the Lighting Node Pro to the Commander Pro or setup the iCUE software correctly. Here is a link to Zotty's RGB Guide that will be a huge help in figuring out your issue.



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