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iCue returns to rainbow mode when PC idles


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Hi there,


I've been looking through the forum and couldn't find an answer to my problem, apologies if it has been stated before (I can't imagine it hasn't but I'm unable to find it).


I recently built my first pc and it consists of quite a few Corsair pieces:


- 5x ML120

- 2x Corsair Vengeance RGB (3600/cl16/8gb per strip)

- 1x CX750RGB


--> The fans and the PSU rgb are all connected to the Corsair Node and an RGB lighting hub.


And I have a couple of Corsair peripherals as well:


- K68 RGB keyboard (incl. numpad)

- Ironclaw RGB wireless mouse


Now, getting iCue to work was easy, set the colours I wanted, everything's fine. Everything also turns off when the computer goes to sleep (except the RAM, but I know how to fix that, I just like them being on).


But, when the computer idles, so when I get logged out of windows 10 (home, 64 bit), everything jumps to rainbow mode.


Is there any way to just either shut everything off on idle OR keep my existing (static) colour settings when idling?


Much appreciated

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When Windows takes you to lock screen, you are cut off from the software. That effectively puts you into Hardware Mode. In the device menu for your Lighting Node Pro, you should see a tab labeled "Hardware Lighting". Select it and a simple choice of presets will appear. This is run from the device's memory when the software is not available, including boot, shutdown, etc. The default is the rainbow. You can pick something else, like your static color. The RAM will also enter hardware mode and show the same as when you put it to sleep.
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