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iCue sensors stop reading after some time


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Hi guys,


A few days ago I installed a new RM850x PSU since I plan on getting a 3070/3080 and my RM550x was already at it's limit with my current hardware.


I also for a long time had the suspicion I could OC my GPU higher but was limited by the PSU. So after I installed the new PSU I set everything back to default and started all over again to see if I could push it even further.


The usual problems and fixes later I'm still stuck with one thing.

For some reason after having iCue open (same problem when it's minimized) for a few minutes, the dashboard sensors stop reading the actual temps, volts, speeds, etc. and everything stays at the last known number read. It doesn't freeze or anything, the program runs normally but it thinks everything is still at that number.


First I thought it was just the program and the fans would still adjust but it doesn't which is a bit of an issue. If it wasn't for that it wouldn't bother me too much since I mostly use HWinfo for readouts but the fans being stuck at the wrong temps is an issue.


Here's a printscreen of what I mean.



If I restart iCue service from within iCue it works again but the problem returns after a few minutes.


Has anyone had this problem and knows what to do in order to make it work correctly?


I already updated iCue and my CoPro is running the latest firmware.


Thanks in advance! :):

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The issue is going to be caused by you also running HWinfo. You can run one or the other when it comes to monitoring as HWinfo will conflict and cause iCUE to not work correctly.


Even if you uncheck the box in HWinfo settings as you guys advise in your faq?


EDIT: I just checked to be certain and even when HWinfo is not running it happens? Is it the same for GPU-Z?

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