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Various issues relating to CUE


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I've had a K70 RGB Rapidfire and never really used cue because I previously had an older model M65 (pre CUE) so the default lighting was enough. Well, I recently replaced the old m65 with a new M65 Pro RGB, and as a result, downloaded CUE.


Now to the issues:

-CUE sometimes won't recognize the K70, not a big deal as the only thing I use CUE for with the K70 is RGB.

-CUE seems to constantly have an update for the M65 and when it does it, "forgets" the set profile until the firmware is updated

-When I lock my PC (not a full logout), the set profile is "forgotten" until I relaunch CUE


If it was just the RGB aspect, I wouldn't even care; however, it affects my DPI making using the mouse a massive headache. Functionality is my primary concern.

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