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iCUE backlight stopped working on 2019 Lenovo Y740

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I've had this laptop for about a year and never had trouble with the RGB backlight until today. I noticed that the backlight was off and I can't get it to turn on with the Fn+Space hotkey. I checked in the iCUE software and it is displaying the active profile with the animation on screen of the spiral/rainbow RGB (meaning I should be seeing that on the actual keyboard), but the keyboard is completely dark. I've downloaded and installed all available Lenovo Vantage updates and updated the iCUE software to 3.36.125. I've rebooted several times and tried the 'Restart' button within the iCUE software and can't get anything out of the backlight. Any suggestions?
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I just had the exact same issue happen on my Y740. The only difference from you that I see is my processor is an 8750. I will say that I installed a workaround for Star Wars KOTOR to get it working 1080p, and after I restarted my computer Corsair stopped working. I ran my antivirus/malware software and there's nothing malicious on my machine, yet the keyboard will not. light. up. at. all.


Did you ever get a resolution to your issue?

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  • Corsair Employees

The first step for this kind of iCUE integration issue will be a clean install of iCUE. Please follow the steps in the link below:




If this doesn't help, please open a ticket with our support team for further assistance.

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