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Not able to change RGB on new K70 low-profile

Big Ry

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I just picked up my first iCUE products this week. A couple days ago I got a 3-pack of QL120s, which installed fine and I have customized RGB in iCUE.


Today, my K70 low-profile came in the mail. I plugged it in and it functions perfectly fine. But I'm am completely unable to change any of the RGB in iCUE. It illuminates everything red, except the brightness key which is white. Nothing I do in iCUE changes these colors. When I booted up the machine, its did a rainbow wave, but now it is just stuck in red.


All firmware is current. I have both USBs connected (keyboard USB to a 3.1 port). I see no other software or firmware to download.


What is going on here? Am I going crazy?

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