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Hi Elitepro,


We sincerely apologize, but the K100 is not rated as compatible with any Playstation platform currently. You could try to switch the keyboard to BIOS mode and use it with limited functionality, to do so:


1. Unplug keyboard from USB

2. Hold B + S keys

3. Plug-in USB power

4. Release keys


but we do not guarantee this will work. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience.

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Updating this thread because I wanted to help those that are using Corsair keyboards on console. Just bought the K100 RGB Wired Gaming Optical-Mechanical CORSAIR OPX Switch. Yes, this works on my 1st gen PS4 so im pretty sure it will work on the PS4 Slim and PRO.


I did followed Elitepro steps hold B+S then connect the keyboard. PS4 detects and I'm playing COD Warzone just fine. I can't tell if the keyboard is in BIOS or not because there's no white icon indicator in the LCD panel.


I even think it works without BIOS mode because I disconnect/reconnect many times and my PS4 still detects and playing COD just fine.


I can even switch to different saved onboard colors, with K70 when in BIOS I couldn't switch colors so I'm 99% sure my K100 is working on my PS4 without BIOS mode. Unless this has changed with K100.


I also have XBOX 1 if anyone would like me to test. Hope this helps those that are searching if Corsair K100 is compatible with PS4

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