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C1 upgradability x570 rtx 3080


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Hi everyone I have been following some of the threads and I thought I would let everyone know what I have been able to install in the first gen C1 that had the 7700k/1080ti

Asus Rog strix x570i motherboard

Amd 5600x

750watt corsair psu

Evga xc3 ultra rtx 3080

Some rgb strips as well as rgb ring on the top fan which I swapped for a noctua 3000rpm

Once nzxt brings out the new kraken g12 I plan to watercooled the new gpu by refilling the loop with an asetek compatible pump

Temps are 50deg idle on cpu 75deg under benchmark, gpu is 38deg idle 75deg benchmark

I was also able to hardwire my Oculus wireless adapter in using an m. 2 pcie adapter and installing the card where the bottom hdd tray would be. I welded some fender washers to the original corsair bracket to make the amd adapter but there are 3d printable options as well as a corsair option but i didn't like how it interfered with the hoses. the only things i couldn't get to work with the new board is the lights on the front of the case but that may be a driver issue i havent been able to get any of my lights to sync with aura sync. I plan to add some WS2812B rgb led's to make the front panel lights rgb & addressable. There also is a length issue with some of the displayport connections are moved on the gpu so not all of them reach you can still have at least 2+ displayport and 1 hdmi on the front i used a tiny hdmi extension like the ones that come with a firestick for this so i could use the front hdmi to get freesync on my tv. i imagine you coould get them all working but i only needed 2.


I spent alot of time on the pump bracket and the htc wigig card if you stuck with intel most of this would be a pretty easy upgrade and its not a bad chassis to work on. only 8 main screws to get to just the frame. I really think corsair should sell the case with at least cpu cooling. It would sell like crazy even at a premium





Here are some links and pics to some of the stuff I used.



For this led ring I cut the corners off and hot glued it to the bottom of the noctua fan




I used this adapter to plug in my htc vive wireless adapter




I used this extender to go from the htc vive wireless and put it through one of the stock motherboard wifi antenna plugs so I can attach it as if it were stock built in on the back




I used this pci riser cable it works but is longer than it needs to be




hdmi extension I didnt use this one as i had one from my firestick but gives you the idea









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I would say that card is probably the max not just because of the length but most of the 3080 cards have a custom pcb that is too tall to fit at least in the C1 it was extremely tight. It overhangs the original gpu mount on the bottom quite a bit but the heatsink perfectly rests on it so worked out well that way. The only cards I considered were the 3 lower evga cards and PNY. The ftw3 im pretty sure wouldn't fit evga is ok with watercooling which I will also be doing. You dont need to take the whole chassis out but I did have to take the bottom off so pretty close since you have to take the front and back panels off to access the screws on the bottom Edited by kiwikewl
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I posted in your other thread post, but this is fantastic! We love see what our customers are capable of doing! This is certainly not a small upgrade, making all of us jealous.


Thanks it definitely took a fair bit of work. Are there any plans to offer replacement parts for the one in the future. i would much rather just buy the new rgb stripped front panel if it was available

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