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Corsair LL 140mm RGB not working /partly working


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Hi Guys,

For years I've had the dream that my gaming PC will light up as fancy as the ones you see on YouTube. That's why I ordered the LL 140mm fans in a double pack a few years ago. These arrived, connected aaaaand nothing ... I probably needed the commander pro and the RGB fan hub. Since I didn't have the money for it at that time, I left it and was satisfied with the non-shining fans. Now, thanks to the Black Friday hype, I had ordered both. How I connected this:


Commander Pro on power supply

Commander Pro via USB cable to motherboard

RGB fan hub on power supply

RGB Fan Hub on Commander Pro (LED)

The two fans on Commander Pro (slots 1 and 2)

The RGB cables to the RGB Fan Hub (slot 1 and 2)

I also have a Corsair AIO where I plugged the USB into the Commander Pro.


Fan 1 only has one LED on top working and Fan 2 only one on the right.

The Commander Pro is recognized and displayed in ICUE, but changing fan colors does not help. I've tried a lot.

Cables changed, slots swapped, power supply cable swapped, USB connected to another USB slot and and and.

I plugged an RGB cable directly into my motherboard (Asus Z390-f) and it started to flicker, but it didn't glow constantly.

When I plugged one of the fans into slot 6 in the RGB fan hub, other LEDs came on but still didn't help.


My Windows is updated, ICUE too. I do not know how to continue.

If someone can help me it would be very nice.



best regards

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Try each fan 1 at a time in Slot 1. Typically this is either a problem with with an LED on one of the fans or it can be the RGB Hub. It acts like a string of lights in series, so one bad spot and it causes problems further down the line. If both fans light up in #1, it's probably the hub. If neither fans lights up in #1, it's also probably the hub. The fans ultimately have to go in slots 1-2. If you put #2 in #6, that is effectively removing it from the series. That might indicate fan 2 has the issue or it still could be the slot 2 on the hub.


Don't connect those fans to your MB RGB headers. If you attempt a 12v RGB, the fans likely won't survive. Even the 5v D-RGB headers that are the right voltage poses a risk since the connectors don't match. It's too easy to send 5v down the wrong line.


Make sure you have done your lighting set-up in CUE. The drop down selector should say "LL fans x 2".

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I switched everything and tried the cables, it didnt change anything. Now i bought a new rgb hub which will arrive in 1-2 Weeks. I hope it will work.

ICUE recognized 2 Fans which i both labeled LL an 1 Fan each. Didnt helped either.

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