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Order got cancelled? No support help?


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I need new ram for my build. The availablity these times is awful. Product was out of stock so I signed up for notification. Finally i got a mail about restock. I ordered a corsair vengence 64gb (2x32gb) 3600mhz cl18 ram memory for 284.99 euro. It stayed pending for over a whole day, saying it must verify the payment and in case of problems, that I will be contacted to clear things out. I sent an mail to support 2h later to ask what's going on, and of course I got no reply at all. Now I get an email that my order was cancelled because issues with payment details that are right? I went back to product page and I see that a products price was raised up to 299 euro. Maybe that was the real reason why my order was cancelled? So you are cancelling my order so I have to wait for a restock once again and then pay even higher price for it? I really need someone to look into this.

I want my order to be renewed or something like that, why am I supposed to wait and pay even more if the support is to slow to help me and cancels my order without contacting me to clear things out in case of any problems occured?

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