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H100i Fan rpm delay after changing profiles


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Hi all,


I had an H100i which I had for a year and recently sent back as it had pump issues (RMA).

The new one that was posted is installed but it just seems... different.

The main thing is that I have the same profiles set up (see pic)



The profiles are active and yes the fans 'seem' to be at that speed, however they do sometimes jump from current speed to.. 1000rpm (based on noise) because if i check iCUE, the speed still says the same! (around 600)


So I've tried changing profile to extreme etc, but after a change it takes about 20-30 secs for the fans to actually respond to the change and speed up.


With my previous cooler (same model, same profile), when i was playing with the profile or trying something, it would automatically respond to changes ... but this has this weird delay and I'm wondering if the delay has something to do to with this weird fan spikes in speed that arent even being acknowledged by the iCue App??


I have everything plugged in the same way as before as far as I can see..


Any ideas/opinions would be apprecaited, I'm running iCue 1.01.15

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Are you running any other monitoring software that might conflict with CUE? Common programs like AIDA, HWiNFO, or anything else that is simultaneously trying to access Corsair internal devices like the cooler can cause a problem. Junk data (fans speeds, temps, etc) are common. Sometimes loss of fan control.


Your picture didn't process. Which H100i do you have? Pro? Platinum? XT? v2? That looks like a Platinum firmware version (1.01.15).


It's not uncommon for there to be some small delay in fan response when changing master profiles or fan profiles. This is particularly true with the cooler where the fans don't need to ever respond frantically and rapid changes would be an annoyance. Make sure the control variable is the same for both curves/profiles. It should be set to H100i Temp.

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