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ICUE Repair? Dark core pro problems


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Anyone that can help would be much appreciated :D


ive been using icue for a good few years now... with a HXi psu CP and a lighting node pro and just purchased a K100 (nice KB i must say)

Brought a Dark core pro se and set my actions perfect.... Every time i boot nothing all bindings don't work on my games profile.

repair icue Boom sorted??? i've seen posts from 2017 with this issue why is it still a thing???? i've done multiple clean installs of icue,reset the mouse, deleted the profile set it up again, everything i've found online i've tried, my lighting never misses a beat works perfectly this Bloody mouse tho is so frustrating... its got to be something to do with the human interface driver not loading correctly..

Windows up to date all hardware on latest firmware and icue on latest.....

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