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no post in dual mode.


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I am trying to install 2 512 cosair ddr 400 chips in to this computer. It will only work in the single mode. When I install the chips in the dual configuration the computer will not post. my setup is

Asus A7N8X-E Mother board. Latest Bios.

Amd 3000 Barton

2 - 120 gig 7200 hds

ATI 9600XT 128 meg video card

Avermedia PCI 1500 MCE

Windows Media Center Edition

2 Cosair VS512mb400 ddr ram

Any suggestions welcome.

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The Bios is version 1013,

Slots I have tried just about every combo.1-3, 2-3, for dual and 1-2 for single.

Voltage is set to 2.7 was 2.6

I can't find the name of the PS but it meets or exceeds all the requirements. Spent a bit more when I was building this to get the specs I needed.

If I set the memory by auto it comes up at 166mhz "does "work but I get BSODs if I set it to by speed it comes up at 200 mhz and only works in single channel. I have system performance set to optimal.

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  • Corsair Employee
If you have a 333 FSB 3000+ then you will need to set the memory Frequency at 100% or DDR333 or the system will not run stable. And I would set the Dim Voltage to 2.7 Vlts and install the modules in slots 2-3 as well.
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