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Just to clarify Temperature on h100i shows...what?


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So after a month or so, using my "new" h100i pro cooler on the cpu...

It shows one temperature on the icue software. It shows 20-30celsius...

I got an i7-8700k, bit overclocked... so that celsius shows... what exactly? Because it is definitely not the CPU's temperature.

I was thinking its the water maybe inside the cooler system lol?


All cables connected btw, Asus TUF z370-Pro gaming motherboard. I'm using speedfan and also MSI afterburner, they kind of show almost identical celsius for CPU, and its between 40-70 degrees respectively.


So what is 20-30 celsius according to iCUE? :biggrin:

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H100i Temp or coolant temperature is a measure of how much heat is in the cooler or efficiency if you like. The coolant is the minimum possible CPU temperature with no voltage. Fan and pump speed settings effectively are shifting the baseline for the CPU up down and it's a 1=1 relationship. +1C in coolant means +1C in CPU temp and the same for -1 and-1.


The difference between the coolant temp and the actual CPU is largely dependent on the voltage applied in that instant and the physical properties of the CPU. However, this is fairly constant, at least as long as the voltage is too. So if you load up CPU Test A with a fixed load and at 30C coolant you see a steady 70C CPU core temps, then your differential is 40C. You would expect to see 80C CPU temp at 40C coolant or 60C CPU at 20C coolant. Where this is most helpful is figuring out the maximum coolant temperature you can sustain before your CPU crosses your personal limit. So in the example above, if you have a 80C CPU limit and the differential is 40C, you know you want to keep the coolant under 40C. This then allows you program the fans curve to your limits and not the default curve that is a one size fits all approach - as are all presets.

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