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difference in AIO models


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There are some. The H100x is a non-software cooler. The pump will run one speed, powered from SATA. The fans will connect to the MB headers. The pump ring will be white - no off switch. It's going to have the old fans from the prior GTX/v2 generation of coolers. Those were not overly loved if you are picky about sound quality.


Most of the newer coolers come with a ML-variant on the fans. Brief rundown below.


Pro series - Non-RGB ML fans. Only pump with ultra quiet 1100 rpm mode, plus normal 2100/2800 speeds. Designed to be a quieter cooler compared to the 2700 rpm fan versions from the prior generation. (Asetek)


Platinum Series - Addressable pump LED, RGB controller in unit that controls pump and 2xML RGB fans. For those who complained the Pro didn't come with RGB fans. (CoolIT)


XT Series - Same unit and construction as the Platinum, but without RGB fans and the internal controller. Black bezel. For those who then didn't want to pay extra for RGB fans and the controller. (CoolIT)


Elite Series - Just released. Now the RGB is back, but in an external controller. You can a pared down version of Commander Pro that will handle lighting and software speed control for 6 fans. OLED pump display with two faceplates. Comes with exclusive 8 LED ML-Elite fans. Given the current pricing, the bargain in the bunch since you get a 6 port fan controller out of it. (CoolIT)


So it depends on what you are looking for. It you want this as low maintenance as possible, the H100x has no software she needs to worry about and no controls for her to change. If old enough to be actively responsible for it, the Pro series will get you the same but with more control abilities to keep things quiet when needed. It has a good track record. Obviously the other three a heavy on RGB and style.

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