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Vengeance RAM Compatibility Help!


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Hi people


I'm wondering if anyone knows the difference in functionality between this Memory Kit 01 and this Memory Kit 02 ?


They both have exact same specs and only one character difference in the serials.


(Check screenshot) Listed on QVL:


Not listed on QVL:



I also know that the first kit is V4.31 and the second kit is V4.32


The reason I'm asking what the actual functional difference is, is because V4.32 (which I have purchased) is NOT listed on the Qualified Vendors List (QVL) of compatible RAM with the ASUS MAXIMUS XI HERO (WI-FI) motherboard. But V4.31 is.


Could there be a reason why V4.32 is not listed?


My feeling is that it should be fine but wanted to get a second opinion from you Pro builders?

Especially seeing as everyone's advice to me since I bought the RAM has been to make sure I pick a model from the motherboard QVL.


What's the worse that could happen if I build my PC from scratch and put an incompatible memory kit in?


very thankful for any help


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v4.31 is Samsung B-die

v4.32 is Samsung C-die

They should both work with it, ASUS just didn't test them hence not on their QVL.

The worst that could happen it that it just won't work. That's it. If that happens, refund them and get the one on the QVL


Thanks for this info! The serials make complete sense now. There doesn't seem to be much documentation on C-die online apart from it being bad to overclock with. Is it worth trying to overclock with this or to just get B-die ram at this stage?


Also if I'm not overclocking for now, would C-die perform badly compared to its B-die part?

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with XMP there is literally no difference. 3000C15 is 3000C15 regardless of IC. If you want to try and overclock yourself, get B-die. Mem-OC on Z390 is rather meh tho, especially with that amount of capacity. Don't expect much beyond XMP


Ah I see, I mistakenly thought changing the speed with XMP counted as an overclock which would be affected by B-die/C-die.


I'm assuming the die also doesn't make a difference to if I were to only overclock the 9900k a little?


Thanks again for the informative answers, they're extremely helpful and sending me down interesting (and necessary) rabbit holes for my build!

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XMP is in fact an overclock. but bot kits have been tested up to the advertised speed and will reach that regardless of the IC on the sticks - assuming your board and cpu are capable of running them. The OC headroom beyond XMP is generally much farther with B-die than C-die. Yet again tho, with 64GB on 4 sticks with a Z390 board...idk if there is really much headroom left with either of those.

For reference: I'm running a M11G with 9900k - 2x16GB C-Die hit a hard wall at 3800C18 while my 2x16GB B-die currently run at 4000C15. The larger your capacity, the lower your max possible freq will be.

CPU OC doesn't really affect your memory OC capabilities other than uncore freq. Keep it 200-300MHz below your CPU freq. If you have instability, it "can" be helpful to drop it further, but most likely will not be the cause of instability in the first place.

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The number you are trying to refer to as serial numbers is actually the Product Number and the differences are that they are completely different kits. If you wish to know the exact differences you can look up both kits on the Corsair website and refer to the technical specifications.


If one kit is listed on your motherboard's memory QVL that does not mean that the other kit will work.

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