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Some might know I've created an unofficial iCUE plugin by reversing the communication layer to the current series of plugins to very roughly support unsupported devices as well as RGB strips via the work of another who makes OpenRGB.


Though I've already done it, what is the stance on this? It seems like there is some validation to prevent non-signed dlls from being loaded into iCUE but I've included a circumvention for that. Are there any plans to maybe include more accessible options to loading unofficial plugins beyond patching the dll? I noticed that there is a mechanism in cuecfg when the dll has a "debug mode" global set that bypasses the dll validation. Perhaps even releasing the header files for the plugin com layer, though I've managed to decode a decent amount of it already the new API functions added in version 0x67 with the Nvidia plugin are not as enlightening.


Here's the Reddit thread where I went into a little more detail.


Also unrelated note: Please stop shipping iCUE.dll with Edit and Continue enabled. Unless Remote Debugging to a customer's machine is a common thing for you there is no need to bloat the executable with a wrapper function to every single function. Save us some jmp instructions and disk space!

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