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Battery Percentage Indicator when are we getting it


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Dear Corsair,

Firstly I love all your products I have a corsair k60 keyboard that has lasted me for oh so many years, I have 32GB of your corsair Vengeance RGB PRO RAM, I have your Corsair Virtuoso Headset, even a Corsair m65 Pro but your indicators on battery for your peripherals are horrendous. Low, Medium and High are not good indicators for battery health could you please add a percentage and duration left on the battery with how long left before it charges. I have tried adding the battery to the dashboard but it gives the most simple information ever it is only 2 states charging or usb mode.

Low, Medium and High is not a good indicator for battery life. My daily driver mouse the G903 gives me a good indicator on how much battery life i have left and a percentage i prefer to use iCue but this is a big let down for me please do change this.


PS I am on 3.36.125 of the iCue version


Thank you



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