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Possible bad ram


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I bought 2 sticks of 184pin 512mb PC3200 VBS512MB400 Corsair (from DABS) to go on an asus P4P800 about a year ago. All installed and happily running.


That was until recently, whenever I started the PC the cpu would be running at at least 60-70% all the time ad if I started a small app, such as explorer the CPU would go up to 100% and stay thereabouts. Looking at the processes running using Sysinternals 'Process Explorer' I found that the CPU usage was all against system Interupts which made me think hardware. I decided to check RAM first as I had read somewhere that this is a good starting point.


I pulled one stick off the board and still had the same problem so I swapped them over and hey presto, problem went away and everything now runs smoothly, so I guess that I now have a bad stick of ram in my hand.


I don't particularly want to put it back in the PC to run any more tests. Where do I need to send it to to get it tested and indeed replaced if faulty?


I am in the UK



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Please try your reseller first, and if they will not or cannot help you get the module replaced. Please follow the link in my signature “I think I have a bad part!” and we will be happy to replace them or it!
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