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Spec-Omega Case NoPro Issues


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I recently bought the RGB Expansion Kit and have spent quite a bit of time figuring out how to get iCue to recognize it. I am trying to set up the 4 RGB strips with to the existing RGB hardware that came preinstalled in my Spec-Omega RGB Case.


In my iCue software I only see the following devices...

Corsair Keyboard, Corsair Mouse, Corsair Mousepad, Hi115 Platinum, Vengeance RGB, Spec-Omega Case (Photo Attached Below)


I'm able to control each device properly except for the NoPro that is in the Spec-Omega Case.


In order to control or select the NoPro I have to select the Case and then select Lighting Setup on the left hand side. This allows me to adjust the lighting hardware (which I assume is the NoPro that was preinstalled in the case). At the bottom of the iCue window I have two different lighting channels. Channel 1 is LOCKED on "Spec-Omega RGB" and Channel 2 is able to be changed.


When I change channel 2 (Currently connected to the RGB Fan Hub) I am able to select either the LED strips that I bought with the expansion - up to 6 strips. I'm able able to select the LL fans that I have - up to 6 fans. I'm NOT able to select both the strips and the fans. This makes sense to me since each channel on the NoPro can only cover 6 RGB channels.


This is where my issue lies...I am not able to select anything for Channel 1 on the NoPro that was preinstalled into the case because it is locked to the "Spec-Omega RGB". (Grayed out example in image below). Ideally I would like to use Channel 1 on the NoPro to daisy chain all 4 expansion strips and the lighting strip that is installed in the front of the Spec-Omega case. Keeping channel 2 in use for my RGB Fan hub that is connected to my 4 system fans.


Is there any way to unlock channel 1 so that it is selectable? Maybe through resetting the NoPro? Is this NoPro I have not actually a true NoPro because it was what came preinstalled in the case? What are my best options to have the RGB working for my 4 LL fans, 4 expansion LED Strips and my two Liquid Cooler Radiator Fans? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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