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GPU WaterBlock for MSI RTX 3080 SUPRIM X


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Hi there, sorry for reviving this post.


I was wondering if this is still the case, no GPU WaterBlock planned for the Suprim X?


Would be a shame :[pouts:


Not that I work at Corsair, but probably not. The releases/water blocks they do is very much based, obviously, on what drives volume in the market and what brands have models that are generic across different series. Like Rog strix 30 series. One water block model from Corsair fits multiple rog strix models f.ex.

The Suprim X is kinda niche and isnt generic across different MSI models in terms of design as far as I can tell.

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Damn, was afraid to read something like that. Kinda sucks that I started to go a custom water cooling and just found out that my card will not be able to get a waterblock from Corsair..


That have always been the only major disadvantage with custom loops. You are and will be relatively limited in terms of GPU compatible blocks. Not only from Corsair but in general.

However, if someone else makes a block for the Suprim X and you want Corsair integration there is a solution. Just use an adapter cable from Pirate dog tech. Works as long as the block maker uses standard 5v ARGB connector, which most do.

Looks like EKWB have launched one?




And they use standard 5v ARGB as far as I can tell. So get one of those and an adapter cable from Pirate dog and you can integrate it with Icue.

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