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iCUE v3.36.125 Patch Notes

Corsair James

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iCUE v3.36.125 Patch Notes::


We now have plugin support for customizing RGB lighting on NVIDIA 3080FE and 3090FE cards.



Mine won't show up. Enabled plugins, did a clean reinstall of iCUE, nothing. Yes, I am running 3.36.125...


ASUS Aura managed to find my FE, but iCUE did not. Uninstalled Aura, along with literally anything ASUS on my PC, and still nothing in iCUE.

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With this version, my LNP channel 2 is not working with any preset. (it has 4 strips)


I tried re importing presets, no avail.


The strips themselves work, I can see them turning on in hardware modem also if I try any of the "lighting library" modes (all hardware driver I presume) But not while driven by iCUE, they're completely off.




I see why, none of the LEDs are selected on the layers for channel 2. They're all unselected now. Seems like the software has a bug and doesn't import those settings. I also tried wiping out all presets and layers and re import known working ones. Didn't help.


That's a big problem, I had specific LEDs assigned to each layer that I cannot possibly remember now.


Where can I download the previous version to downgrade?


Never had this problem (or any other) in any previous iCUE version.


I can confirm the same issue. Assigned lighting/LEDs on LED strips are deselected.

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My bug for not recognizing button release when entering profile with button pressed is not yet fixed. Still I'm stuck with 3.32.80 iCue and can't get any newer version (broken since 3.33).

Request: 2003735947

Profiles broken since 3.33 (and working as intended in 3.32): https://help.corsair.com/attachments/token/JHpvxVSIx2q4uX0ynpOTQbuVM/?name=icueProfiles.zip

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Was great to see 3080 FE lighting but I have a bug where if I set the lighting on the card to white, it has a distinctly blue tinge to it that wasnt there before.


Also - as mentioned earlier in this thread - can Ryzen 5000 series support be added?

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I currently have an issue that when i start my pc and icue starts automatically in to a profile my h100i platinum got the colors from that profile but seems to be stuck in a flickering spirale effect. As soon as i restart the icue service it gets back to normal.


I have also six ll120 and sometimes the sixth and half of the leds from the fifth ll120 freezes in their effect and they dont react to a profile switch but they unfreeze after a few minuts but it still sucks when my ll120s and my h100i doesnt work as it should.

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The volume control action does not operate repeatedly when the key is held.

older version, if i set the volume up action in mouse button, and hold this, it is The volume continues to increase.

but, new icue, only one acted.


Because volume control cannot be set to repeat behavior through macro, there is still no option.

Please put it back as it was.

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Was going to report the lack of image boxes around keys, but then saw the update and downloaded it. It fixed the image bugs, but moved around a bunch of my macroes. And made a bunch of copies of existing macroes, and randomly placed them in the list. And completely deleted five or six of them.


And when clicking one macro, it moves it over to a random other macro. Something really weird is going on. I recorded a video of it.


... So the file size is ten times bigger than this forum will accept. Sweet.

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Well, I seem to be "OG" status around here with Corsair/iCUE :laughing:.


Back at it, years later, high CPU usage on Big Sur. Fresh install of Big Sur on a Mac Mini.


Killing the process makes the system snappier for sure but re-launching it makes it sluggish again.


Where do I collect logs? Where do I send them?


EDIT: Discovered that 4000 Hz polling is the equivalent of trying to ask are we there yet a million times to my Mac Mini and once I dropped it down to 1000hz it stabilized dramatically as it was micro stuttering. (It had no issues on the PC). CPU Usage is still high with iCUE regardless.


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SideSalad, I will take a look into this.


For real this time? This problem has only been discussed by many users since at least as far back as March of 2020 in these forums:



Also, the (1) showing after device names is still happening. I hadn't seen the issue in over a year until the update just before this latest version, showing for my h115i pro AIO only.

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  • Corsair Employees
I'm having trouble to configure the fans speed on this version...


They never turn off (even with the 0RPM custom profile)




The fans are never going to turn off with the coolant temperature so high. That is a safety threshold you are bumping up against and running the cooler out of spec on purpose to dumb as much heat into the loop. The bad thing with that is you can cause damage to the cooler and even cause the coolant to start evaporating away.

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I was going to report an odd issue I had updating to 3.36.125.


I updated within the iCue app.


Half way into the update my computer restarted. Which is not a normal thing for my PC to do. Upon restart there was a notification that iCue was not able to launch. I downloaded the .msi file for iCue to attempt a fresh install to fix it. The installer said the previous version could not be removed, install aborted. I attempt the uninstall with windows uninstaller. It said it could not locate the uninstall file.


I went into the Windows registry and deleted instances of iCue, noted several iCue files running in the back ground with task manager. Ended task on them, the files would relaunch and prevent me from removing the Corsair folder in Program files manually. I quickly killed the tasks in task manager, and then deleted the Corsair folder before the processes could relaunch. Finally was able to remove the Corsair folder.


Re-ran the .msi installer and it successfully installed and appears to be working OK again and my lighting and fan profiles were still there.

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Updated today: All second actions to macros were mismapped after the update was installed. So if pressing Q.1 had a second action of Q.2, it was randomly remapped to W.1. This happened with EVERY ACTION.


As I know each Corsair update seems to crash some part of ICUE I take precautions to "protect" my work before trying to get rid of that "Update available" dialog box on my ICUE. Having exported the profile prior to hitting the update button to a safe location. Re-importing the profile wasn't able to fix the problem. When I re-imported the safe profile the second actions were all remapped inappropriately.


This latest crash reveals several difficulties with ICUE that simple user testing would have revealed since day 1 of ICUE. I have pointed out some of these before in this forum, but Corsair has not made notable changes to the "Actions" portion of ICUE. Here's a quick list of difficulties revealed by the latest bug (Second actions were remapped wrong) introduced by downloading the update of which some seem like they would be easy fixes but have been around since the introduction of ICUE:


1. The Second Action Window in the pull down of "Advanced Settings" for Macros is too small (mostly too narrow). Make it wider: seriously (Seems like an easy fix). The current pull down menu allows for 14 characters to be read of the title of the macro of the second action. The description of what the macro does is either limited to the title of the macro or a different list made by the user (A "Notes" box for the macro would be an ideal add by Corsair here). So if I have 10 macros with the title of "Shift Release ..." I am left guessing to a large extent which one I am selecting for the second action to be applied to the Macro.


2. Actions Library Fix - Second Action Application: After a previous Update issued by Corsair, the first action in the "Actions Library" would randomly be assigned to the "Escape" button, which was weird. The solution to that bug was posted on this forum, and if I remember correctly, I think acknowledged by Corsair as being aware of the problem: the solution was to delete all actions from your Actions Library. Has this been fixed? Actions lose their "Second Action" assignment when put in the library.


3. The profile actions are active in the ICUE editor when trying to edit that profile, making it difficult to edit the profile. Solution: Use the default keyboard or have a button in the ICUE interface to use the default keyboard when editing a profile. Assigning an action to a letter key is dangerous with ICUE, but I did it. If you interrupt a macro while it is executing with ICUE there is a high risk you will be left with with a key in the pressed position. For example, the Corsair tutorial for macros records pressing of the Windows key to switch applications. If you then interrupted that macro for any reason, by pressing a key on your keyboard for example, there is a danger you would have the Windows key in the pressed position. To eliminate that problem, I put some keys on my keyboard to macro actions: ie. Shift press tied to second action Shift release, so that there is no danger of pressing the shift key interrupting my macro which I've set to execute uninterrupted. With this bug introduced by the Corsair Update, and my second actions being reassigned, all of these buttons are in locked in the pressed position while I edit them, which is ,of course, very difficult. I have made a "Default" profile where there are no macros, and I've made an "Escape" button macro in the profiles that do have macros where I have the raise key action to all the keys on the keyboard. Because of the bug introduced by the latest Corsair update, I cannot edit my "Macro" profiles without first re-assigning the Second Actions which have been remapped incorrectly (to macros at the bottom of the Actions List incidentally, so I have to scroll up to the top of a long list to find the "None" for Second Action), and I cannot edit the titles of my Macros in the profile so that I can find them on the Second Action dialog box of the Macro Profile because pressing a key in that profile would put it in the "pressed" position.


Actually the list of problems that could be solved or is frustrating to me as a user revealed by today's Corsair bug is extensive, and Corsair, is still probably focused on reading the temperature of some 3rd thermocouple or stream decking or something. Above are a few fixes that would help me correct a bug introduced by Corsair's latest update to the Actions portion of ICUE. If you ever do focus on the "Actions" portion of your program, I invite you to enlist me as a private "real world" user, to create a better user interface and program.

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