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k57 keyboard and Virtuso RGB SE Slipstream issues


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i have bought a virtuso RBG SE headset last month and the 2.4 ghz slipstream works very well.


2 days back, after some study that the K57 has the same slipstream technology

of both 2.4 Ghz and bluetooth.


Now here is my issues ... why cant i pair both the headset and k57 on the doogle came with Virtuso ? they are using same technology but now i need 2 usb slots ...


this defeats the purpose of me choosing the k57 on my desktop ..


I should have get the Logitech one instead ...


Hope i did not configure the connection wrong ... awaiting for your guidance.


Thank you.

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Hi HenryTee,


It is possible to connect two Slipstream devices to a single dongle via our Multipoint feature, but it is currently only available on our beta iCUE as the feature is a work-in-progress.




Hi Albert,


Many thanks for yr reply. Do you mean i have to wait for the icue software / firmware to be updated in order to use it as single dongle on multiple Slipstream devices ?


Any expected time frame ? Thank you and have a great day !

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