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4000x rgb found on the street


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someone put out a 400x rgb case out on the street. there are two things i notice as i examine it.


1) cpu was ripped out of the socket

seems like someone tried to remove the cpu from the motherboard but it looks like they did not give time for the thermal grease to warm up and so they ripped off the cpu from the socket.


2) the fans seem to be destroyed

the front fans have their wires clipped. and looks like there were 2 fans on the top of the box which were sorta ripped out (the plastic support for the fans that seem to keep them in their shroud are broke).

btw, the wires still are there that go to that rgb control unit on the backside (from my quick check on this box).


but other than that, the case seems in good condition. the psu is still there too, a 650 corsair unit.


so wondering, what i would need to get this into a functioning box. sure a new motherboard and all, but what about the fans/psu. that is my main concern.

and i don't care much about any rgb functionality.


so what would you do?

how would you check the psu to see that is still good?

what fan replacements would you do?



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