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Brief Suggestion for ICue/ICue Beta


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Hey there guys!


Quick suggestions for ICue, more quality of life things than anything.


It would be cool to have a Master Brightness slider. You could set it up pretty generically, or what would be nice is if it were set up kind of like how the EQ settings on the virtuoso are.

Essentially, there's a Master Slider for brightness on the far end, and individual sliders for each RGB item (Say, LS100 strips, Capellix Header, Fans, etc.)

Then you can control your preferred brightness individually, or with the Master slider which would link all the individual sliders like an EQ does. That way each moves accordingly, but in conjunction with the rest, if that makes sense.


Also, for whatever reason, you can't add or import anything from the lighting library when you're using Vengeance RGB RAM. You can manually create whichever aura you like, or import the generic ones (Or other people's), but on the system you can't move them around. This would be nice, as I have a very tailor made look to the RAM which I can't export to apply to other devices, and remaking everything from scratch would be a huge pain.


Anyway, keep up the great work, and thank for your time. Happy Holidays!

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