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K70 RGB MK2 Cracked Keycaps on Brand new keyboard

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I just purchased a BRAND NEW K70 RGB MK2 and upon opening the box I was extremely disappointed to find that almost EVERY keycap is cracked on the underside on the plastic "cross" support that connects the keycap to the actual mechanical switch on the keyboard.

These are thin cracks that vary in size and shape, some are straight and some are jagged, some cracks split into other cracks (see attached images).


This is the second Corsair keyboard that I've had this same problem with. I'm furious because this K70 was bought to replace the K68 that I got refunded under warranty with the local supplier. The K68 eventually had a key break due to these cracks and that's how I discovered the problem in the first place.


I was NOT expecting the K70 to be faulty on arrival, I even bought it from a different supplier and almost a year apart from when I originally bought the K68.


This is clearly a manufacturing fault that Corsair refuses to fix as the only commonality of these two keyboards is that they have the same keycaps. As well as I've seen plenty other users complaining about this exact problem going back to even 2015.

The fact that corsair has a "How to: Get keycap replacements" page worries me as this is obviously a common problem.



I don't know how these keycaps are passing any kind of proper Quality Checks as this is a clear Quality Deviation and not up to the standard I expect from Corsair. It saddens me because I love everything else about the keyboard, the design, the beautiful RGB and lighting control, the Cherry Switches, but the keycaps are badly made.


It feels like they want users to either fork out the extra for a set of PBT Keycaps that are more durable or to get forked (or buy a more expensive keyboard that include the PBT caps like the K90/K100 range).

I cannot afford the K90/K100 range, nor the PBT Keycaps on top of the price I paid for the K70 (all these products are far more expensive in South Africa).


I checked the keycaps on a friends cheap mechanical keyboard for reference ("Trust" brand) and after over a year of heavy use his keycaps are not cracked at all and made of a thicker plastic than Corsair's keycaps.


For those who might ask, this is not due to the way I'm handling the keys, on the K70 I used the provided keycap remover tool and was very careful in how I removed them for this exact reason. I am an electrical engineer and work with sensitive electronics on a daily basis.





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its not just the k70 anyway I have one of those wich from new had same issue, a k95 and the k68. all three are cracked on all key caps. two of wich arnt even year old


they wont give you replacements ive tried they will give 5 because you know that helps. So dont bother just give in and spend even more on new pudding keycaps elsewhere and never buy this brand again later on.


Also ive debated on doing a youtube vid on this and also buying new ones and showing they are cracked right away out of box.


I wish I never bought these keyboards

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That's very sad to hear that you experienced the same thing even with the more expensive models. It doesn't give me much confidence in Corsair's keyboards...

If you make that Youtube video please send a link here I would like to watch it.


Do you have any alternative brands that you would buy next time?


What I like about the Corsair keyboards is that they look very nice, have good lighting and use proper Cherry Mx switches, and they are not overpriced like Razer or Steel series keyboards. Just sucks that their keycaps are so poorly made.

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Hello, I recently bought a Corsair K70 MK.2 with the same problem of cracks in the keycaps. Is this problem still common in 2021 or have I been unlucky? I doubt whether to order a replacement or whether to return it and buy another brand other than corsair. Edited by Ken Masters
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