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Strange noise from my new PSU


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Hy Guys,


I just bought a new RM750x series PSU from Corsair.


I noticed a little strange noise which appears randomly even when PC shut down (Switch power button ON)


It only last 3sec and stop


Do I have to worried about ? Is it normal ?


Link : [ame]



The noise appears after 5sec ( up your sound ^^)


Thank you for your replies and advices :)

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Ok thanks. I didn't notice with my previous PSU so I asked.


Its a little bit disturbing when working on my desk but I will switch off my PSU when I do not use my computer ^^


Don't do that. Turning off the PSU every night, that is. If it's so loud that you can hear it without having your ear right up against the PSU, then you should consider exchanging it.


Unfortunately, with increased efficiency requirements and increased safety requirements, it's harder and harder to get a PSU to be completely quiet across a complete range of loads.

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well you shock the protection circuitry each time you switch it on.

It will last some time before you start to see sparks when doing so, then you may end up killing the PSU in short notice, waaaaay before its warranty is over.


In general, electronics don't like being powercycled. that's their kryptonite

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