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Spilled juice and only scroll and caps light up


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So yeah just 5 minutes ago i was sitting on my computer watching YouTube till I decided to spill some sugar free juice on my keyboard. I've had this happen to me before and I've always gotten the keyboard back to working. Last time the fix was to change the usb port

after opening the keyboard up and cleaning it. This time i spilled it right on where the main components of the keyboard are. I flipped the keyboard upside down as fast as i could after spilling all the juice then i unplugged the keyboard and after a couple of minutes I plugged the keyboard right back in. And now all that lights up are the scroll lock and caps lock lights. I tried reseting the keyboard but nothing lighted up and nothing happened.

I tried opening it up and finding out that there was no juice inside the keyboard but on the keys there was. So does anyone know what's happening here and how to fix it. And also nothing happens when I press any keys

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