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Corsair H115i Platinum Temp question


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Hey there, I have been noticing that while playing doom and watching the YouTubes that my corsair H115i platinum temp is between 30-33C. Is this normal and acceptable temperatures? My pump is set to Extreme and my fans are set to Balanced(prefer the quieter PC) and are in a push configuration. For reference as well my CPU is between 55-63C while in game and room temperature is at 20.5-22C.



CPU: Intel i7-9700K

Memory: Corsair Vengeance 32Gb @3200MHz

Motherboard: Asus Z390-E

Graphics Card: Asus Strix 2080

Storage: 2x m.2 2TB

PSU: Asus Thor 850W

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That's fairly typical idle temperature. Most users idle +4-7C over the room temperature, but this is highly case layout and material dependent. Some cases are just warmer than others and the interior ambient temperature will be the true minimum possible coolant temp. You likely have a motherboard temp sensor somewhere and it is likely going to read 29-30C as well.


You probably can drop the pump speed down if it's audible. There aren't a lot of gains to be had for that and it's greatest relevance is during maximum possible CPU load where you want the coolant moving out of the block fins as fast as possible. All three pump speeds should be the same at idle and for most mixed loads like gaming. +1C coolant temp = +1C CPU temp, so there's not much reason to stress over small +-1C changes.

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