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Corsair Void Elite Wireless RGB Dongle


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So i have a question, i recently bought the corsair void elite wireless, the rgb ones. And im Kinda scared, because im afraid of breaking, or losing the dongle. I paid 107 Euros for the headset and there is no option to use the headset without the dongle or to buy one. I saw one but it is for the pro ones and i have the elite. I dont know if this would work. I should have 2 years corsair warranty, because i bought them from amazon so im not sure if i have it or not.


so my questions are:


1.) do i have warranty from corsair?

2.) will a dongle from the pro ones work with the elite.

3.) does warranty cover a broken one?

4.) does warranty cover a lost one?

5.) should i return it and get the same one from a local store to get there maybe a warranty, because i heard from a friend he got it 3 times replaced because he broke it 3 times.

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Hi BySebo,


As long as you purchased your headset as brand new on Amazon, then it is under warranty. The VOID PRO Wireless dongle will not work with the VOID ELITE Wireless. If your dongle stops working or becomes lost, then feel free to get in touch with support at https://help.corsair.com and they'll help you out.

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